Curious babe tries anal sex for the first time


Ravishing, dark-haired hottie was researching anal sex on the internet when her boyfriend approached. She was interested in trying it and spicing up their sex life. Having heard she was ready to go, he didn’t need much more convincing and, just moments later, his breathtaking and horny girlfriend was bent on all fours in front of him without panties, waiting for his move. He started things off by gently caressing her and massaging both holes, slowly inserting a finger inside her tight asshole before picking up the pace and starting to go harder. After such intense fingering foreplay, the babe was ready for his throbbing shaft so he grabbed her from behind and started railing her doggy style. As time went on, he kept hammering her harder and harder until she ended up losing breath and screaming in pleasure before he filled her ass with a thick load of jizz.

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